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Normica GmbH based in Germany offers sophisticated software for viewing, editing, processing, exporting, printing and plotting files. There are solutions for viewing and processing single files and also programs to process many files by project manager, CLI (command line interface), hot folders, Windows service and more.

There are Normica single user license and Normica floating license (concurrent user).

Normica Single User License 
License is related to hardware (1 license per computer)

For users who work with one workstation or laptop, the Normica Single User License is the right choice. The single user license will be installed and operated on 1 PC. If required, the user can transfer the Normica license from one computer to another computer using Normica license transfer.

Normica Floating License
License concurrent user.

In a network, Normica's floating license software increases flexibility, as anyone on the network can use Normica. The number of concurrent users is limited by the number of licenses purchased.

License management works only through the file system, which makes it very versatile. The Normica Floating License software is installed on one computer. All other computers on the network will only install the Normica start icons. The Normica floating license can also run on Novell, Linux file servers, Cytrix, other terminal servers, and many other system environments.

If necessary, you can check out Normica Floating License clients (if available) from the network and temporarily use them as single-user license on a computer that is not connected to the network.

There is a communication system for users of Normica Floating licenses to make the use and distribution of available licenses more efficient.

Prices and conditions you will get from our sales partners and in the Normica Software Online Shop.

Normica uses a software lock, no hardware lock is required. In order to use the commercial version of Normica you need an authorizing code.

Nowadays, the computers are usually all sufficient to run the Normica software even with large graphics files. If you want to view or process true color drawings, a true color graphic card will be needed.

Normica Software runs on 32 bit and 64 bit Windows operting systems.

Yes. You are welcome to download Normica demo versions from our website for your evaluation.

You can reach the download page under this link.

Files in the HP-GL/2 format are included with the program, so that the program can be tested immediatly. 

Many CAD systems don't offer a correct display of a technical drawing with pen width on the screen.

If  a user wishes to read a technical drawing (which was created with CAD) into a word processing program, DTP or any other Windows/Macintosh program, he needs such a program to be able to understand the plot-format (usually HP-GL/2). Hardly any DTP, word processing- or internet program can do this. Therefore an appropriate interface needs to be found.

Normica creates an exact display of HP-GL/2 files and enables the user to proof-read the drawing before printing. This HP-GL/2 Editor is a safe and low-priced interface for speedy exchange of data between CAD and DTP and the internet.

In CAD originally only a theoretical pen width of zero units is used. Only in this way the constructor receives clear intersections of the crossing lines. This is why there are only few CAD systems which display pen width on the screen. The crucial result is the drawing printed with pen width on paper. Other than the pure construction with the computer, in the printing different pen widths are necessary for display conforming to the standards, e.g. 0.35 mm for subsidiary lines, 0.5 mm for hidden edges and 0.7 mm for visible edges. In many other CAD systems, the different pen widths are defined through the line colors. I. e. most CAD systems offer correct display of the drawing only via printing. Therefore the only format which has the correct and valid information about the drawing is that file, which was created for plotting. Usually this file is in the HP-GL/2 format.

In any producing company it is necessary for the construction to continually offer its crucial data of the drawings to the records department or any other publishing department.

This connection rarely works optimally, as ...

  • in many companies the records department, the writing of manuals or material for marketing, internet-publications etc. are almost completely isolated from the construction department.  
  • There is loss of time and inevitable personnel cost, as a lot of effort is put into venturesome conversion methods.
  • quite often there is misunderstanding,  so that confusion and high cost is the consequence because of the many different files on the way between construction and records.
  • Consequently the construction data is spread over a vast number different DTP channels, which in turn makes protection and consistency of these data difficult and expensive.
  • The safest method to avoid confusion because of data being created in construction and processed in records at different times is a direct connection via Normica. With this program only the crucial plot data will be used for printing and DTP. One consistent file generated for printing and connection to DTP/records keeps the costs low, while offering high flexibility and a high level of safety.

Normica is a secure interface between CAD and DTP, which keeps data consistent.

Normica Software is distributed through Normica sales partners and directly via the Normica Shop on this homepage. You will get there detailed information about the prices, the terms of delivery and payment. 

Normica Software has been developed and trade by Normica GmbH Germany. Normica GmbH was founded in 1997 in Munich. Besides its own products, Normica GmbH offers programming services and system extensions.

Architecture - GIS - manufacturing - documentation - plot-/reproservices

  • Every user wanting to check drawings visually and make any necessary corrections before printing.
  • Every user desiring an exact, workable replica of a technical drawing or a scaled version thereof, in a Windows/Macintosh or internet format.
  • Every company or business wanting to be certified according to DIN/ISO 9000/1/2. This certification requires efficient and transparent documentation of all production and business courses, and makes a rapid exchange of information in all areas necessary.
  • Every DTP company working with the CAD sector.
  • Every CAD company wanting to import drawing data into, for example, Microsoft Word.
  • Every plotter company requiring rapid file viewer functions, or desiring to edit and tune HP-GL/2 files according to the What You See Is What You Get principle.

Generally any HP-GL/2 format from every CAD and graphics system can be read. Normica can export plotter generic and specific HP-GL/2 files.

The export formats PDF/EPS/EMF/WMF and BMP/TIFF/JPEG/PNNG are supported by virtually all the popular graphics-, DTP- and Office-systems operating on Windows and Macintosh. DWF and SVG are standards for presenting vector files in Internet. DXF as a standard exchange format for CAD drawings.

Normica Software is available in English and German language.

Additional language support on request.

What is new in Normica View 2020/Normica View Pro 2020 (since NORMICA View/V2000 1.7.5)


  • Created for the current Windows 32-bit and Windows 64 Bit operating systems (server and workstation),
  • Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit installation files (msi)


  • New GUI in clearly arranged Win 7 ribbon style
  • Versatile file explorer for opening files
  • In the file open dialog you can also select more files
  • Better and faster display of files


  • Support of new HP-GL/2 plot drivers
  • Support of HP-GL/2 files with more than 256 pens
  • Support of HP-GL/2 multi page
  • New file suffix management


  • Read and write PDF and PDF/A (also multi page) files in high quality (also password protected)


  • Excellent own bitmap libraries
  • Support of multipage bitmaps and exports
  • Support of CALS Raster file format


  • Optimized print preview
  • Any print scale possible
  • 1-click button for fast printing


  • PDF, PDF/A export

Single user license enhancements

  • Easy license transfer

Floating license enhancements

  • Check out a floating license to use as a temporary single user licensed program disconnected from the network
  • Messaging system for Normica floating license user

Update and subscription

  • New plot drivers will be adapted as they come. These improvements will be delivered to subscribed users by a new comfortable automatic and secure update function
  • Version management within the program

Normica Reporter (NR)

  • Comfortable messaging system to contact the Normica team for support purposes.


What is new in Normica View Pro 2020 (since NORMICA View/V2000 1.7.5)

New 1-click functions for...

  • Cut paper
  • Change pens to black/white
  • Print with Windows System Printer

Save HP-GL/2

  • Save HP-GL/2 with specific and complete header information for HP (PJL), Océ (Job Ticket), generic and others.
  • Export multipage files


  • New convenient developed export formats added: DXF, PDF, EPS, SVG, PNG
  • Additionaly to common PDF, there is high quality PDF/A-2b export, an ISO format for archiving