Export HP-GL/2, HP-GL, RTL, PDF and Bitmaps to TIFF.

Single page and multi page HP-GL/2, -RTL, -PDF and bitmaps can be exported to TIF, TIFF.
Multi page files can be exported to one file and also one page per file.

Choose the complete area, the paper extents, all objects or a user defined region for the export.
Color depth, compression:

  • 24 Bit compression Packbits, ZIP or JPEG
  • 8 Bit color compression Packbits or ZIP
  • 8 Bit gray shades, compression Packbits or ZIP
  • 1 Bit compression Packbits, Group 3 or Group 4

Your Normica Software to export single files to TIF / TIFF:

For automated export to TIF/TIFF, scheduled and with hot folders. Can additionally be processed by command line or by Windows service: