Normica Batch-Processor 2020

Normica Batch-ProcessorCreate the job only one time and let the software work for you!

 Achieve precise results faster and more economically through a convenient user interface and various combination possibilities!

For Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit

Profit from using the excellent functions of Normica Batch-Processor: Automatic editing, printing, plotting and export for optimum sharing of data in suitable formats for all departments of your company.
The versatile scheduler, comprehensive file filters and customizable hot folders functions allows you to create integrated work-flows.

Thanks to its intelligent scaling and rotation features, your drawings get always properly scaled and aligned.

You can export to a CAD optimized PDF, PDF/A and EPS. In addition to WMF, Normica exports EMF that can be perfectly imported by Microsoft products. DWF (Drawing Web Format) is for Internet presentations of CAD files. And DXF export makes it easy to continue working on plot-data in CAD and illustration software. Exporting to raster formats in different color definitions and compression types is supported.

Optimum compatibility through the creation of plotter-independent files.

Beside working with the project managment GUI, all created projects and each function can be also controlled using the command line interface (CLI), allowing you to integrate all Normica's functions incl. all options into other systems. 

Additionally the projects of Normica Batch-Processor can be executed by the Windows Service.

Main features of Normica Batch-Processor:

  • Automatic interface between CAD, DTP, archives, Internet, print and plot services.
  • Input formats: HP-GL/2 (incl. RTL, PCL 5), HP-GL, CALS, RTL, PDF, PDF/A (also password protected), BMP, TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, PSD
  • Output formats: HP-GL/2, RTL, BMP, TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, PSD, PDF, PDF/A, EPS, SVG, DWF, DXF, WMF, EMF
  • Save HP-GL/2 with specific headers for Hewlett Packard print job language (PJL) and Océ printer drivers (Océ Job Ticket) or other large format printers.
  • Intelligent rotating and scaling functions
  • Editing pen colors and widths
  • Hot folders
  • Versatile Scheduler
  • Varied input- and output file filters 
  • Log files
  • Import, position and scale BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PSD and other raster data within bitmaps and plot files
  • Importing text and text files
  • Easy to use graphic user interface
  • Projects can be executed additionally by the Windows Service
  • Execution operational via command line, very flexible to use

For viewing, editing, printing and plotting single files, we recommend Normica View or Normica View Pro, which can be opened within the Normica Batch-Processor.

Potential uses of Normica Batch-Processor:

  • To automate frequently reoccurring print, plot, edit and export actions, which used to be performed manually by an operator (using scanners, image-processing systems, etc.) or by less than reliable software.
  • Thanks to the Normica Scheduler, the projects can also be performed during the off hours.
  • PDF, PDF/A, plot data (HP-GL/2, HP-GL, RTL), CALS and bitmaps get automatically converted into other formats for archiving, documentation, marketing purposes, the Internet, tender documentation and other purposes with absolute reliability.
  • The 'hot folders' function allows you to monitor directories to automate processes and lower your resource requirements.
  • Intelligent scaling techniques allow you to produce batches of easy-to-read reductions.
  • Rotation of the images can be executed depending of the orientation
  • Insert stamps into the drawing rasterfiles, which can be raster files or text as well. This allows you e.g. to incorporate your company stamp into any document.
  • Thanks to Normica's optimization functions, once HP-GL/2 files have been saved with Normica, they are generally compatible with all HP-GL/2 plotters. For example, HP 1055 plot data can be sent to an OCÉ 9600, Xerox or Canon plotter, etc. (and vice versa). Also HP-GL/2 can be saved with specific Hewlett Packard header (HP-PJL), or specific Océ header (Océ Job Ticket) or also generic header.
  • Optimization functions (for bitmaps and vectors within HP-GL/2) help to drastically reduce file size and keep plot times to a minimum.
  • The ‘File Operations’ action allows you to execute user-defined commands from other programs on your Windows system. This allows you to further process files selected by Normica and export results automatically using appropriate programs.
  • Commands can also be executed using command line interface (CLI), which means that functions can be incorporated into any suitable Windows system.
  • Execution of the projects are also possible using the Windows service.
  • Detailed reports incl. file names, actions, results, paper sizes and other relevant data ensure reliable control of your file processes.