Normica View Pro 2020

Normica View ProProfit from the benchmark in HP-GL/2, RTL viewing and editing!

In addition open and save PDF, PDF/A, bitmaps in first class quality.

For Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit

Normica View Pro is the ideal software system for processing CAD plot-data (HP-GL/2, RTL), PDF and bitmaps; a precise and convenient editor and interface between CAD, DTP, Internet, printing and plotting.

With Normica View Pro drawings can be presented on a laptop, printed on any Windows system printer plus comfortable plotting functions.

Normica View Pro saves on resources.
Drawings can be checked and corrected independently from the CAD system before they are printed. Changing paper size, object size, pen widths and colors, rotation and draw order with Normica View Pro greatly simplifies the adaptation of drawings for any purpose. Normica View Pro may reduce file size up to 50% and speeds up plotting time up to 200%.

Normica View Pro is versatile.
Data generated with Normica View Pro can be integrated into all standard word processing, DTP and Internet applications. You receive an exact rendering of your technical drawings in any media. What you see is what you get!

Normica View Pro is fast.
The efficient zoom options, the rapid screen refresh, and the exact display of HP-GL/2 data files make extremely precise results possible, fast.

Normica View Pro improves your images.
Photographs, drawings and renderings can be imported into CAD plot-data, greatly enhancing the visual aspect of your work. Support of transparencies extends your analytical capabilities.

Main features of Normica View Pro:

  • Reads and writes HP-GL/2 (HP-GL) and RTL files. Open CALS files.
  • Save HP-GL/2 and RTL with specific headers for Hewlett Packard print job language (PJL) and Océ printer drivers (Océ Job Ticket), generic plot format and other.
  • Reads and writes in superior quality PDF, PDF/A (also multi page and password protected)
  • Reads and exports Bitmaps (BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, etc.).
  • Excellent user interface and user experience. Clear, easy to use documentation.
  • Tuning of plot file properties as pen speed, quality level, chordangle, etc.
  • Opens any required amount of files.
  • Comfortable Explorer interface for opening files.
  • Automatic display of tooltips when cursor is placed over an object.
  • Zoom functions on the right mouse key with real-time zoom and pan.
  • Save and restore up to four viewports.
  • Changes line properties such as: pen widths, colors (RGB) and numbers, end cap and line-joints.
  • Placement of objects in foreground or background.
  • Rotates and mirrors drawing or objects.
  • "Intelligent” enlargement and reduction using the DTP scale.
  • Pen fadeout feature.
  • Assigns new pen number to any selectable object.
  • Import BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PNG.
  • Bitmaps can be joined, merged, shifted, clipped, rotated, mirrored, scaled, copied, or exported. Brightness, contrast, and many more can be changed using the bitmap manager. Changes bits of raster data (from 24 bit to 8 bit, form 8 bit to 1 bit, etc.).
  • Objects can be made transparent.
  • Crosshair cursor, display of absolute and relative coordinates as well as distance.
  • Display of file properties.
  • Exports entire drawings or defined sections.
  • Copies to the clipboard.
  • Export to excellent PDF, PDF/A and EPS formats.
  • Export to WMF, EMF, DWF (Drawing Web Format), SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), DXF (Drawing eXchange Format),
  • Export to bitmaps: BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PNG...
  • Print/plot preview and numerical or freely definable print and export windows.
  • Plotting through network and TCP/IP (Internet), RTL RIP (optional banded)
  • Prints entire drawings or regions using any Windows system printer in any scale.

What is new in Normica View Pro Release 2020