What is new in Normica Release 2020

What is new in Normica View 2020/Normica View Pro 2020 (since NORMICA View/V2000 1.7.5)


  • Created for the current Windows 32-bit and Windows 64 Bit operating systems (server and workstation),
  • Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit installation files (msi)


  • New GUI in clearly arranged Win 7 ribbon style
  • Versatile file explorer for opening files
  • In the file open dialog you can also select more files
  • Better and faster display of files


  • Support of new HP-GL/2 plot drivers
  • Support of HP-GL/2 files with more than 256 pens
  • Support of HP-GL/2 multi page
  • New file suffix management


  • Read and write PDF and PDF/A (also multi page) files in high quality (also password protected)


  • Excellent own bitmap libraries
  • Support of multipage bitmaps and exports
  • Support of CALS Raster file format


  • Optimized print preview
  • Any print scale possible
  • 1-click button for fast printing


  • PDF, PDF/A export

Single user license enhancements

  • Easy license transfer

Floating license enhancements

  • Check out a floating license to use as a temporary single user licensed program disconnected from the network
  • Messaging system for Normica floating license user

Update and subscription

  • New plot drivers will be adapted as they come. These improvements will be delivered to subscribed users by a new comfortable automatic and secure update function
  • Version management within the program

Normica Reporter (NR)

  • Comfortable messaging system to contact the Normica team for support purposes.


What is new in Normica View Pro 2020 (since NORMICA View/V2000 1.7.5)

New 1-click functions for...

  • Cut paper
  • Change pens to black/white
  • Print with Windows System Printer

Save HP-GL/2

  • Save HP-GL/2 with specific and complete header information for HP (PJL), Océ (Job Ticket), generic and others.
  • Export multipage files


  • New convenient developed export formats added: DXF, PDF, EPS, SVG, PNG
  • Additionaly to common PDF, there is high quality PDF/A-2b export, an ISO format for archiving