Normica View 2020

Normica View Normica View can view, print and plot bitmaps, PDF and plot data (HP-GL/2 incl. RTL, PCL5, HP-GL) from all CAD systems.

With the DWF and PDF export, CAD plot data can be viewed by anyone else.

For Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit

Compatible with all CAD systems.
All CAD software supports plotter systems, and thereby the leading plot standard language, HP-GL/2.  HP-GL/2 creates an exact rendering of plots/printouts, and processes vector and raster information using very little memory. Normica View is a leading system for reading HP-GL/2 (HP-GL) files, and for presentation of their plot- and document characteristics!

Normica View is  fast.
The read-routines from Normica View were developed to be the fastest possible. Rapid re-draw, comfortable zoom functions, detail-view, etc.  greatly facilitate the inspection of technical drawings before they are printed.  

Normica View knows no boundaries.
With Normica View, CAD plot data can be exported in PDF, PDF/A, and the CAD internet standard DWF (Drawing Web Format). Through  DWF export, anyone with an internet browser* can receive an exact rendering of technical drawings (*plus a free DWF plug in). Additionally a export included.

Normica View is easy to use.
Normica View was conceived and developed to be able to be used by anyone. The Windows 7 oriented user interface and clear commands allow an instant overview and intuitive use of the software.

Main features of Normica View:

  • Open plot files: HP-GL/2 (incl. HP-RTL, HP-GL, PCL 5), CALS
  • Open PDF, PDF/A (also password protected)
  • Open bitmaps: BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PNG
  • Opens any number of files
  • Comfortable Explorer interface integrated for opening files
  • Tooltip-cursor over drawing objects
  • Zoom functions per right mouse click with real-time zoom and pan
  • Separation of work area in 4 windows
  • Saves and recalls drawing sections
  • Adjustable detail window
  • Crosshair cursor
  • Display of absolute and relative coordinates; distance
  • Display of document characteristics and plotter settings
  • Export in DWF (Drawing Web Format) with line widths; raster and optimized presentation for full screen viewing
  • Export in PDF and PDF/A
  • Plotting by LAN and TCP/IP
  • Prints entire drawings or regions using any Windows system printer

What is new in Normica View Release 2020