Normica User Feedbacks

The helpdesk operators of Autodesk, Bentley, Unigraphics and Vector Works recommend Normica as complementary tool to their CAD solutions. Also Hewlett Packard, Océ and XEROX use and recommend Normica Software.

Find out in the Normica user feedbacks section that Normica software is worthwhile and successfully used by leading companies and institutions.

Normica Software is being used by more the 10.000 users in over 50 countries in the industries: Plotter and software brands; Repro-, print-, and plotter services and users, architecture, building, GIS, landscaping, engineering, automotive, construction, documentation and others. Following is a small excerpt of Normica user feedbacks:

Mr. Jörg Oppel

Technical Support Specialist Hewlett Packard - Commercial Hardcopy Support Devision
"For which we do not have the respective CAD, we use Normica for processing the plot information. It is possible to view and edit plot files. Paper settings as well as pens and proportions can be modified. This is also true for inadequate plotter settings, which can be corrected..."

Mr. Dieter Krumpe

System Manager REPRO+KOPIER-ZENTRUM Berlin
"Often we receive data produced by the most varied CAD systems for the most varied plotters, which however can be represented only through the corrections made possible with Normica. The program evinces good functionality and is user-friendly. I no longer wish to do without the Normica Software..."

Mr. Platzek

System Administration ASSMANN Beraten und Planen GmbH
"We use Normica Software for project management and costing. If we get drawings of external companies, we evaluate them with the help of Normica. Essential are the possibilites to check the technical drawings before plotting. Our time savings is considerable. It is essential for us to control the drawings before printing..."

Mr. Thilo Schotter

Head of Department EDV Obermeyer Planen+Beraten
"If a piece of paper comes out of the printer or plotter and it is not correct, we use Normica Software for troubleshooting. We use also the HP-GL/2 format and Normica Software for archiving files. Paper consumption was before the use of Normica huge..."

Mr. Hannes Bock

Head of Quality Management Wampfler AG
"Wampfler AG offers a comprehensive range of machinery, electrification, security systems and more. When CAD construction data are to be integrated into office tools for preparing documentation material, we use Normica Software. Normica Software achieves the best results in an significant time saving..."

Mr. Manfred Weber

Head of the Manufacturing Department Fa. IBAK
Mr. Weber reporting on the introduction of Normica Batch in his company: "With the help of Normica Batch, we were able to convert about 6,000 files to the desired file format in a strikingly short time (approx. 20 min!). Thus, the cost and time saving has turned out to be enormous..."