"Using Normica Software ensures best results in the shortest time possible..."

Interview with Mr. Hannes Bock, Head of the Quality Management Department at Wampfler AG, and responsible for the CAD support:

In 1959, Manfred Wampfler founded the company at the age of 29. Today, internationally some 500 employees are working for this successful group. Wampfler AG offers a comprehensive range of machinery and electrification of portable equipment, security systems and handling and work flow systems.

Normica: "Which processes have been improved with the help of Normica?"

Hannes Bock: "We are mainly preparing technical drawings from HP ME 10 and other CAD systems for technical documentation purposes. These are mostly documents intended for use by  our clients, such as user's  guides, servicing manuals etc. When CAD construction data are to be integrated into office tools for preparing documentation material, we use Normica Support. Our drawings are read from the CAD program directly in Normica Software via the HP-GL/2 format. There we can adjust the drawing as required, for example by editing the line widths if necessary. The image is optically enhanced. Such operations are independent of industrial standardization, they are rather intended to create a clear layout with regard to structural aspects.

Normica: "Which other departments are making use of Normica?"

Hannes Bock: "The technical drawings are mainly created in our technology and construction departments. That is also where the majority of customer-related documents is compiled.

Catalogues and advertising material, however, are done by other teams. There as well, Normica fulfils important functions. Without Normica software, embedding technical drawings in documentations is an extremely time-intensive task, including everything from sticking in slips of paper to using viewers to scanning the plotted drawing. Using Normica ensures best results in the shortest time possible."

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