“I no longer want to do without the Normica Software...”


The REPRO+KOPIER-ZENTRUM, Berlin offers a complex range of reprographic services with emphasis being laid on copying, plotting, printing and corresponding re-processing. The customer-base consists traditionally of the planning sector of  the building and construction business. There is therefore an increasing demand for services in the CAD-sphere and also in picture-processing.

Mr. Dieter Krumpe, Systems Manager with REPRO+KOPIER-ZENTRUM, Berlin, responsible for the use of reprographic hard-and software systems in the spheres of CAD and picture processing as well as large-format color copies. REPRO+KOPIER-ZENTRUM, Berlin, Reprographic Services since 1993.

"The reprographic appliances of Océ in their latest technological versions are used in all spheres. The appliance technology is completely inter-linked and the usual communication means are employed.

With Normica Software there is now a software available (long desired by me), which permits plot data to be visually checked in HP-GL-or HP-GL/2 format and to be subsequently edited or corrected. The program evinces good functionality and is user-friendly. The manual and the aids are pleasantly brief and practically structured.

Offering reprographic services , one is confronted as a rule with the results and thus also with the errors of a CAD-process and plot-representations. We use the Normica Software as a control-and-check possibility for plot datas, in order to evaluate, among others, formats, pen-strokes and color arrangements. It is only thereafter that the plot-data is submitted to the “Plot Management”. We thus avoid any eventual erroneous plottings and are in the position of processing plot data of customers who are not so experienced in CAD-processing and to achieve results corresponding to the customer’s wishes.

I recommend as highly helpful the processing possibility of raster objects. We have thus converted HPGL-objects into Bitmap objects and included the same into other documents such as explanatory reports and documentation. In the case of customers, with whom we work constantly together, we install the corresponding drive for our appliance technology and ensure thus good and error-free plot data. However, very often we receive data produced by the most varied CAD systems for the most varied plotters, which however can be represented only through the corrections made possible with the Normica Software.

Till now we had an Océ-in-house DOS program at our disposal for these problem, which was however very cumbersome to use due to the input of many parameters and which did not allow any edit-functions as “Viewer”. Alterations such as line intensity and color were made through an editor directly in the HPGL-data. Other programs such as Spicer Imagination for windows are too complex for use by a reprographic service and much too clumsy.

To summarize I would like to once again confirm the excellent application possibilities. I no longer wish to do without the Normica Software.”

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