"We use Normica Software for project management and costing..."


Herr Platzek - Fa. AssmannAssmann Beraten+Planen GmbH carry out since 30 years construction projects. Projects are e.g. the stadion 'Arena auf Schalke'. Further projects are the reconstruction of the Reichstag in Berlin, or the airport Dortmund, or the exhibition center of Friedrichshafen.
Interview partner is Mr. Platzek, who is responsible for system administration and technical operating. Further he works on the concepts of the future development of ASSMANN Beraten + Planen.

"We use Normica for project management and costing. When we get drawings from external partners, we use Normica for evaluation. With Normica Software our saving of time is enormous. Essential are the possibilites to check the technical drawings before plotting. Without Normica we always had to print out the drawings before viewing.

If you just use Normica once a week, the investment will be worthwhile."

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