What kind of work processes can be improved with Normica?

In any producing company it is necessary for the construction to continually offer its crucial data of the drawings to the records department or any other publishing department.

This connection rarely works optimally, as ...

  • in many companies the records department, the writing of manuals or material for marketing, internet-publications etc. are almost completely isolated from the construction department.  
  • There is loss of time and inevitable personnel cost, as a lot of effort is put into venturesome conversion methods.
  • quite often there is misunderstanding,  so that confusion and high cost is the consequence because of the many different files on the way between construction and records.
  • Consequently the construction data is spread over a vast number different DTP channels, which in turn makes protection and consistency of these data difficult and expensive.
  • The safest method to avoid confusion because of data being created in construction and processed in records at different times is a direct connection via Normica. With this program only the crucial plot data will be used for printing and DTP. One consistent file generated for printing and connection to DTP/records keeps the costs low, while offering high flexibility and a high level of safety.

Normica is a secure interface between CAD and DTP, which keeps data consistent.