What target groups will be reached by Normica?

Architecture - GIS - manufacturing - documentation - plot-/reproservices

  • Every user wanting to check drawings visually and make any necessary corrections before printing.
  • Every user desiring an exact, workable replica of a technical drawing or a scaled version thereof, in a Windows/Macintosh or internet format.
  • Every company or business wanting to be certified according to DIN/ISO 9000/1/2. This certification requires efficient and transparent documentation of all production and business courses, and makes a rapid exchange of information in all areas necessary.
  • Every DTP company working with the CAD sector.
  • Every CAD company wanting to import drawing data into, for example, Microsoft Word.
  • Every plotter company requiring rapid file viewer functions, or desiring to edit and tune HP-GL/2 files according to the What You See Is What You Get principle.