Available licensing options: Single User License compared to Floating License

There are Normica single user license and Normica floating license (concurrent user).

Normica Single User License 
License is related to hardware (1 license per computer)

For users who work with one workstation or laptop, the Normica Single User License is the right choice. The single user license will be installed and operated on 1 PC. If required, the user can transfer the Normica license from one computer to another computer using Normica license transfer.

Normica Floating License
License concurrent user.

In a network, Normica's floating license software increases flexibility, as anyone on the network can use Normica. The number of concurrent users is limited by the number of licenses purchased.

License management works only through the file system, which makes it very versatile. The Normica Floating License software is installed on one computer. All other computers on the network will only install the Normica start icons. The Normica floating license can also run on Novell, Linux file servers, Cytrix, other terminal servers, and many other system environments.

If necessary, you can check out Normica Floating License clients (if available) from the network and temporarily use them as single-user license on a computer that is not connected to the network.

There is a communication system for users of Normica Floating licenses to make the use and distribution of available licenses more efficient.